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horti- and agriculture

With increasing heat and dry spells it has becoming ever increasingly important to store water, the standard storage methods of ponds are less effective due to water evaporation and take up large areas of valuable land. This scalable solution allows up to 4,000 liters per square meter.

Biking in the City


water management is an important topic for every municipal, the current infrastructure isn't built around water conservation and didn't take the accelerating climate changes in account. Public areas, such as parket lots, side walks, bike paths, and even roads, offer ideal situations for water conservation and management

Precision Shot


a sport field can easily consume 100m³ of water per day. Rainmine allows sports installations to actively collect water used for irrigation, reuse this, creating a circular irrigation. Circular irrigation for sports fields allows you to also benefit from the nutrients and minerals from the fields being redistributed.  A pitch of 7,000m² can easily store more than 20,000m³ of water. Circular pitches support water conservation.

Residential Area

residential development

new homes are currently built carbon neutral with the best technologies around for insulation, heating, and cooling. rainmine supports this by allowing residential homes to collect rainwater, and reuse this. Water from rainmine can be used for irrigating the garden, filling pools, cleaning cars, and in cases - in the home for washing dishes & clothes and flushing toilets. 

Parking Lot


With climate change comes water problems: be this an excess of water during heavy rain or a lack thereof for irrigating greenery around your business. Rainmine allows every business to manage and conserve water. 

Parking lots and runways are large areas which collect large volumes of water, rainmine allows you to safely collect the water and via the infiltration setup, gradually push the water back into the ground, supporting the natural ground water levels.



Starting for as low s €200 per m³

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