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Modular units that allow attenuation, infiltration, and/or storage of water. Water storage can be combined with infiltration, for sports fields for example, and attenuation. rainmine units support a healthy ground water level, mitigate risk of flooding, and provide an affordable solution to sustainable water storage.

Made up of 100% recycle PP plastic, they provide a light weight and affordable solution to your water management needs. One person can assemble up to 300 crates, 75m³, per day. No additional machinery is needed for crate assembly. 



cool water

unlike water storage ponds, there is no evaporation. Evaporation in the warm months can be anywhere between 5mm and 10mm per day. Depending on the size of the pond, this can be anywhere between 5m³ and 10m³ per week

available in much larger sizes than common above ground tanks. the vertical load capacity determines the depth of a solution and application, however, the horizontal implementation is only limited to the area itself. a soccer field can be fitted 5 units deep, resulting in >30,000m³ storage capacity.

the water is always at cool temperature in the summer and there is no risk of freezing over. At 3m depth, the temperature will vary seasonally between 7°C and 15°C




compared to a common subterranean concrete solutions and above ground storage tanks, rainmine units are far more affordable per m³. All units have a designed service life of over 50 years

the crates are made of PP plastic and are 100% recyclable, our 35T and 40T models are also made of 100% recycled plastic.

delivery will be per 20" or 40" containers, the unit parts are stackable, depending on your installation. A 40" container will commonly hold around 260m³



fast installation

because the units are part of a modular solution, you can ensure it fits your unique situation

if acting like a buffer for excessive rain fall, the solution will support a healthier groundwater level

no machines, other than to dig, are needed. on person can put together up to 75³ (>350 units) per day



the top of the storage version can be covered with only textile (200gr minimum, 2 layers) which allows surface water to drain directly into it

because the units are installed starting at 1m under the ground, they don't take up valuable surface area

the unit

Each unit is made up of several parts, because it easy to assemble, one person can put together up to 75m³ (>250 units) per day: 

  • Side Plate - these cover the sides of the outward facing units

  • Top Cover - placed on the outer tops and bottoms of the modules, circular holes

  • Big and Small Buckles - used to interlock the the modules and covers with each other. 

  • Module - the top and the bottom of the unit - these are the weight bearing parts of each unit


Rainmine also provides handholes, inspection wells, allowing access for care and inspection. We strongly suggest not to allow traffic to drive over the handholes.


After the hole has been dug, a 30cm layer of sand is laid out evenly to form a stable base for the crates. Textile is placed (200g tight weave minimum) at the bottom and sides, this is to protect the crates and membrane from possible sharp objects when back filling later - in addition, it protects against roots. 

  • For storage: a minimum of 1mm thick membrane is used, this can be common pond liner. depending on your requirements you are able to keep the top open, allowing water from the top to drain into the units. Before starting with putting the units in, a second layer of textile is required, this will protect the membrane from the sharper edges of the units.

  • For infiltration we suggest a minimum of two layers of textile, please do ensure you use tight woven textile to avoid root penetration.

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