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AccuWeather: Following recent rain, dry weather set to return across northern Europe

ByAdam Douty, AccuWeather senior meteorologist

Although the recent rain was needed across northern Europe after a dry spring, many will welcome the return of drier weather and more sunshine. 

While scattered showers and thunderstorms remained across parts of France, Germany and southern Britain through the weekend, high pressure building from the west will bring the gradual return of dry weather into early week. 

AccuWeather Meteorologist Tony Zartman explains, “High pressure that began building across western Europe late in the weekend will spread into northern and eastern Europe through the week.”

However, the return to dry weather will be gradual into early week. 

Britain and northern France had a brief setback on Sunday as a cold front brought scattered showers and a gusty wind, but dry weather continued to progress across Germany. 

Many areas, especially the United Kingdom and western Germany, will have more sunshine this week than recent days. 

During the middle parts of the week is when the warmest and sunniest weather is expected across the region. 

“As the high builds, sunshine will bring rising temperatures.” Zartman adds. 

By Wednesday, the area of high pressure is expected to be located in eastern Europe. This will cause a southerly wind flow which will promote warmth. 

High temperatures from London to Paris, Frankfurt and Berlin will average 5-10 degrees C (9-18 degrees F) above normal by the middle of the week. While much of Germany had hot weather on the 12th and 13th of June, the coming warmth could rival some of the warmest conditions yet this year across Wales, England, France and the Low Counties. This is quite a stark change from the recent cooler and, at times, wet weather.

Zartman expects that the warm weather could continue into the end of the week, though scattered showers and storms may slowly make a return. 

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